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Chiefs of Ontario Health News

Toronto, Ontario - Regional Chief Angus Toulouse expressed his support for the motion introduced to the House of Commons yesterday by Liberal leader Bob Rae, calling for the provision of safe, clean water in First Nations communities, stating “The Chiefs of Ontario fully support this call for justice and fairness. Far too many of our communities lack safe drinking water and the infrastructure necessary to deliver safe drinking water and we commend all parties supporting the following motion”:
Mr. Rae (Toronto Centre) — That the House call on the Government of Canada to address on an urgent...
Suicide is the product of two hundred years of our history. The despair of our young people has its roots in the treatment of our people, from broken Treaties to abuse in residential schools, going back generations.
When we have safe and clean schools, housing and water in our communities, when we offer economic opportunity to our young people, when First Nations communities are respected partners in guaranteeing our people’s health and education, and we have rebuilt our Nations - we will see the end of these tragedies. We can see this happen in those communities that have been able to take...
TORONTO — On June 14th, the Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (AANDC) released the results of the National Assessment of Water and Wastewater Systems in First Nation Communities.
Some of the key findings for First Nations in Ontario include:
Seventy two or 45.5% of the Water Treatment plants are at high risk
Sixty one or 38.6% of the Water Treatment plants are at medium risk
Twenty five or 15.0% of the Water Treatment plants are low risk
Despite what the AANDC states as a comprehensive and detailed account of water and wastewater systems on reserves, one must be...
TORONTO, ON — The proposed provincial Bill-186, Supporting Smoke–Free Ontario by Reducing Contraband Tobacco Act, makes the primary focus of the legislation a punitive action rather than tobacco use reduction strategies. It specifically targets products that are grown or manufactured within First Nation communities and under the jurisdiction of First Nations. The Ontario Ministry of Revenue introduced these proposed amendments to the Tobacco Tax Act, on April 21, 2011, in direct opposition to the inherent Aboriginal right to the cultivation and trade of tobacco.
There are many outstanding...
TORONTO, ON - Ontario Regional Chief, Angus Toulouse, today responded to Federal Budget 2011 asserting that the Budget demonstrates the government’s lack of in-depth understanding of First Nations issues.
As stated by the Regional Chief: “First Nations in Ontario have been clear - what is required to assist in alleviating many of our problems, is a fundamental transformation in the relationship between the Canadian settler state and First Nations. We have repeatedly stated what our priorities are and how we would like to accomplish these, and we are repeatedly ignored.”
Although the federal...