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This Communiqué is to provide an update on the Healthy Smiles Ontario (HSO) Working Group, which was established to address and resolve issues raised by First Nations, and to collaboratively develop an implementation process for the HSO program in First Nation communities.
Right to Play has issued its 2016 call for proposals for the PLAY program for First Nation communities. They can apply under new partner or continuing partner.
Welcome to our introductory NIHB E-Newsletter! Our e-newsletters are planned to increase communications and create awareness of NIHB. Through this e-newsletter, we will keep you updated quarterly on changes within the vast area of NIHB.
Good morning,
The Chiefs of Ontario and Cancer Care Ontario are pleased to announce the publication of a new report entitled Cancer in First Nations in Ontario: Risk Factors and Screening. The report was developed to address the information gap associated with First Nations-specific health data.
We are currently faced with the challenge that First Nations in Ontario—whether on- or off-reserve—have a much higher risk for cancer than non-Aboriginal Ontarians. Actions to improve the health of First Nations are urgently required if we are to avert a future...