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About Us

The Health Sector coordinates advocacy for health related initiatives for First Nations in Ontario.  A First Nations Strategic Health planning process is developing proactive approaches to improve the status of First Nations health as well as to transform it. 

The Ontario Chiefs Committee on Health’s overall mandate is to protect and maintain our Treaty and Aboriginal rights to health and to provide advice, guidance and recommendations to the Chiefs in Assembly on matters pertaining to First Nations health. 

The Health Coordination Unit is the technical and advisory body operating under the umbrella of the Chiefs of Ontario.  It is comprised of the Health Directors of three PTOs and one representative from the Independent First Nations.  The unit receives support through the coordinating capacity of the Chiefs of Ontario Office, and is responsible to the Ontario Chiefs Committee on Health, and the Chiefs in Assembly. 

Through our health portal, we have built up a library of resources on the Health Unit’s initiatives for communities and citizens which we will be providing in a user friendly format.

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