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Tracy Antone
Director of Health


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NIHB Navigator North

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Chi Miigwetch for visiting the all new Chiefs of Ontario Health Portal. The portal is designed to be a one-stop resource for important health-related information and to learn about the COO health activities. The portal will be updated regularily with the latest information so be sure to check back often.

What you can find at the COO Health Portal:

  • Information about COO health-related activities.
  • Details about First Nations health initiatives from across the province.
  • Important resources such as COO health reports and strategies, government programs and contact information, and essental information about the health priorities most important to First Nations.

How to navigate the COO Health Portal:

Upon arriving at the health portal, you are brought to the front page. On this page you can quickly view main topics of interest including news items, upcoming events and recent media. For more information on a topic, simply click the highlighted text found within that topic.

If you want to search specific topics for more detail, your best method is to use the menu bar at the top of the health portal. A description of the buttons on that menu is as follows:

  • COO Home: Clicking this button will bring you to the main COO website.
  • Portal Home: This will bring you to the front page of the health portal.
  • About Us: Mousing over this button will reveal several links that will provide more detailed information about the Chiefs of Ontario health department.
  • Health Priorities: Mousing over this button will reveal a list of health priority areas which are categorized alphabetically. Clicking on a priority area will bring you to a page dedicated to that specific priority area. There, you will be able to find resources related to that area as well as media and important dates.
  • Health Resources: Here, all the health resources have been amalgamated and categorized in a single location. At the bottom of this list, you will find a button titled "all resources." Here, you will be able to search for the specific resource you want by title, date and category.