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Health Forum 2016

Date of Resource: 
21 Mar 2016
Attached Documents: 
PDF icon 2.24.16 CoO COPE - PIHC.pdf2.29 MB
PDF icon Application of the Diabetes Population Risk Tool to FN's RHS data in Ontario Laura Rosella & Kathy Kornas.pdf1.15 MB
PDF icon Assembly of First Nations & First Nations Inuit Health Branch- Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Joint Review - Tobi M.pdf853.77 KB
PDF icon Chiefs of Ontario Health Forum - OTN & KO Workshop Presentation - FINAL .pdf2.83 MB
PDF icon Chiefs of Ontario Health Update- Tracy Antone, Chiefs of Ontario.pdf403.44 KB
PDF icon Community Outreach & Patient Empowerment-Sonlatsa Jim-Martin & Mark Brender, Partners in Health.pdf2.29 MB
PDF icon Constance Lake First Nation Detox & Treatment Program- Lydia Iseroff & Diana Andrews.pdf1006.07 KB
PDF icon First Nations & Inuit Health Branch Update- Lori Doran, First Nation & Inuit Health Branch.pdf395 KB
PDF icon First Nations Aging Study- Jennifer Walker, Centre for Rural & Northern Health Research.pdf1.32 MB
PDF icon First Nations Cancer Risk Factor Report- Dr. Loraine Marrett and Sehar Jamal, CCO.pdf1012.56 KB
PDF icon First Nations Culture as Intervention- Carol Hopkins, Thunder Bird Foundation.pdf3.51 MB
PDF icon First Nations Health Data Management- Lily Menominee-Batise, Matthew Resmini & Karl Mallory.pdf3.62 MB
PDF icon Intergenerational Trauma- Judy Desmoulin & Patrick Patabon.pdf1.08 MB
PDF icon National Indigenous Health Strategy- Wendelyn Johnson, Heart & Stroke Foundation.pdf1.05 MB
PDF icon National Non-Insured Health Benefits Review- Laurie Carr & Emily King, Chiefs of Ontario.pdf250.46 KB
File NIHB Discussion Doc - MHC Benefit Implementation Plan FINAL Draft.xlsx43.88 KB
PDF icon Ontario First Nations Poverty Index Project- Nancy Johnson.pdf200.14 KB
PDF icon Ontarios Poverty Reduction Strategy & Local Poverty Reduction Fund- The Poverty Reduction Strategy Office.pdf389.56 KB
PDF icon Partnerships in Health Capacity- Keewaytinook Okimakanok eHealth Telemedicine.pdf1.1 MB
PDF icon Research in Action Workshop_DPoRT_24Feb2016.pdf1.15 MB
PDF icon Root causes of the Indigenous Settler health gap- Dr. Michael Dan.pdf6.5 MB
PDF icon Wikiwemikong Unceded First Nation Treatment Centre- Tim Ominika.pdf318.65 KB
PDF icon BN with Attachments on Bilateral Accord.pdf324.61 KB
PDF icon CH_A New Generation in First Nations led Health Research.pdf3.5 MB
PDF icon Demystifying Data_COOHealthResSymposium_22Feb2016_v1.pdf1.44 MB
PDF icon ICES FN Data 2016-02-22 Research Symposium.pdf1.33 MB
PDF icon Panel Presentation - Demistifying Data.pdf1.36 MB
PDF icon Research Symposium 2016 Overview and Partnership Approach MGreen OSSU Impact Award Project .pdf681.82 KB
PDF icon First Nation Symosioum Report-COO.pdf2.8 MB
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