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Cancer in First Nations in Ontario: Risk Factors and Screening

We have partnered with Cancer Care Ontario to develop and publish Cancer in First Nations in Ontario: Risk Factors and Screening to address the information gap associated with First Nations health data.

This report is unique as it contains information about cancer risk factors and screening uptake for both on- and off-reserve First Nations in Ontario, presented side by side.

There are over 270,000 First Nations in Ontario, of which 203,000 are registered under the Indian Act and 46 per cent of registered First Nations live on-reserve. Of the 133 First Nation communities in Ontario, 33 lack year-round road access and 61 are rural/remote limiting their accessibility to health services. Whether living on- or off-reserve, First Nations are more likely to experience poorer health, including higher rates of many chronic conditions such as diabetes, than the general Ontario population.

Highlights of the Report:

  • Provides an introduction to First Nations in Ontario, including background on cultural and historical perspectives of First Nations’ health and wellbeing.
  • Identifies evidence linking modifiable risk factors to common cancers and the importance of these factors in relation to cancer risk.
  • Presents, describes and interprets estimates of prevalence of several modifiable cancer-related risk factors and participation in cancer screening in Ontario’s First Nations population.

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Cancer Care in First Nations in Ontario: Risk Factors and Screening

Date of Resource: 
29 Mar 2016
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