The Chiefs of Ontario Health Secretariat supports increased opportunities for First Nations to participate and influence regional and national health policy, health systems (Federal and Provincial) and program development in all Health areas as mandated by the leadership.

The Health team’s long-term goal is reflected in the 2009 First Nations Strategic Health Plan’s Vision for First Nations Health:

“In the year 2033, we the First Nations people have control of our health, our own health systems and environment, living our traditions that value life and care of self. We live healthy lives (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually), as well as governing our own healthy communities.”

Goals & Strategies

The Health Secretariat will focus on the following strategies to support the achievement of First Nations health goals:

  1. Research, policy and legislative analysis, and advocacy.
  2. Relationships, collaboration, partnerships, and tripartite processes.

To achieve the following priority outcomes:

  1. A First Nations Research and Data Management Centre.
  2. A strategy for Jordan’s Principle in Ontario.
  3. Mental health and addictions research, promotion programs, and wellbeing initiatives.