Key messages:

  • New positive results decreased somewhat as of Sep 12, 2021. The 7-day estimate for the period
    ending Sep 12, 2021 was 85, slightly less than 93 from the previous week. The number of positive
    results among First Nations to date is 5,183.
  • New positives in Ontario continued to increase for the seventh week in a row.
  • Increases in the sub-regions increased with the highest increase of 2.5% in the Southwest.
  • Test volume among First Nations remained at usual levels after the peak in testing 3 weeks ago.
    Ontario test volume may be increasing.
  • Sadly, there were 9 deaths among First Nations. These may well be deaths that had occurred
    previously but were only reported as being associated with COVID-19 now.
  • All other measures held steady this week.

Download the full PDF report here: COVID testing report 74a