There were 143 new positive results among First Nations people over the past week ending Apr 11, 2021. This is about the same as the total of 141 last week. The number of positive results among First Nations to date is 3,100. None of the areas had large increases (all less than 10% vs over 20% more per week previously). When considered over the past several weeks, it seems clear now that test volume in First Nations is decreasing while it is increasing across Ontario. The cumulative positivity rate is increasing at lower rates in First Nations than previously. There may be a slight increase in Ontario rate. Note that these are CUMULATIVE rates, not weekly rates. When considered over several weeks, it seems clear now that there is a slight increasing trend in hospitalizations and deaths among First Nations (centering around 5% and 1.5% respectively), compared to an equally slight decreasing trend across Ontario. Trends in these outcomes tend to lag changes in case volume by several weeks.

Download the full PDF report here: COVID testing report 52