Key messages:

  • There was a marked increase in positive results among First Nations people as of May 30, 2021. When the 6-day total of 148 cases is adjusted up to a one-week period, the weekly total of 173 is 10% higher than the previous week (156). The number of positive results among First Nations to date is 4,137.
  • Just under half (46%) of the new positive results this week were in the Northeast, which saw a 16% increase in positive test results over last week.
  • Test volume continues to decrease among First Nations and in Ontario.
  • The cumulative positivity rate is increasing slowly in Ontario and in First Nations.
  • The hospitalization rate among First Nations seems to be slightly increasing over time. Death rate seems steady. Ontario rates are steady and declining for hospitalization and death, respectively.

Download the full PDF report here: COVID testing report 59